Kyra Hendrix


Kyra is an independent, self-starting tech marketer with a Colombian background. One of her greatest strengths is focus and dedication to get the job done. Among the many courses and studies she has completed, you'll find a Strategic Business Management Pre-Master, International Business Strategic Marketing Master and a Launch Base Entrepreneurship Program, all leading to a promising career at Sony, Study Portals and MSI. Even though she's already had a fair share of experience in no less than four different countries (the Netherlands, USA, China and Colombia), Kyra is still very eager to learn. She loves planning her tasks ahead and is a true team player, convinced that when teamwork is done right, great things can be achieved. Kyra's area of expertise lies within Data Analysis, Dash-boarding, SEO, ROI Analysis, and Event Management. Recent projects: MarCom Project Manager at Omron and Dash-boarding projects at Philips Innovation Services and Mammoet

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