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Why are buyer personas important for any B2B company? Well, in order to develop an effective marketing strategy it is crucial that you understand your customers’ motives, desires and pain points. By creating buyer personas ‘the right way’ you will gain yet unknown insights in your customers’ buying behavior throughout their journey as a buying team. These insights are really powerful tools for increasing the ROI of your marketing and communications.

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Buyer journeys aren't linear. The funnel doesn't exist. And even when it would, it's a very poor marketing instrument for brands that want to become more buyer centric.

Jorg Basten Managing Partner & Marketer

How do these terms relate? As mentioned before, well-crafted buyer personas will inform you about actual buying behavior of real buyers. Buyers of your products or services. But as we all know, B2B purchases are rarely made by just one person(a). There’s a so-called buying team involved in evaluating and purchasing your expensive or complex offer. And this comes at a risk, for them. So it is really important to provide insight into this buying team’s journey; the tasks they need to complete and what it is they need from you – as one of the vendors on their list – to do this in the best possible way. Only when you truly understand their process (no, not your sales process) you can start creating content and experiences that are helpful, inspiring and just what they need, at the right moment.

“In the simplest terms, buyer personas are examples or archetypes of real buyers that allow marketers to craft strategies to promote products and services to the people who might buy them.”

Adele Revella

CEO and Founder of the Buyer Persona Institute

Gaining insights of strategic marketing importance requires solid research methods that have proven to be useful. As an agency specialized in Buyer Persona Research we combine two methodologies to create insightful and actionable buyer personas.

  1. 5 Rings of Insight
    Adele Revella – CEO and Founder of Buyer Persona Institute – is a true thought leader on creating buyer personas that actually work. Her methodology ’5 Rings of Insights’ recognizes the importance of distinguishing the B2B buying process of your target group in 5 stages.
  2. B2B Elements of Value
    Consultancy firm Bain & Company has organized the 40 distinct kinds of value that B2B offerings provide customers into a pyramid with five levels. Recognizing the full range of both rational and emotional factors behind business purchases—and tailoring the value proposition accordingly—is critical to avoiding the commodity trap.
The research, analysis and documentation process generally takes 16-20 weeks, and includes 10-25 in-depth interviews with target audience representatives that lead to the customer insights. These interviews are structured, recorded and labeled.
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Stakeholder presentation
After analyzing all data, it’s time to conclude and recommend. Key stakeholders are invited to a final presentation where the main insights and advice for next steps will be shared with them.
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A digital report contains the full story and comes in handy when you'd like to deep dive into certain topics, interviews, personas or buying stages. Everything you need to know - and more - can be found here. The report looks great, too, and is the perfect way to inform sales colleagues or your leadership team.
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The insights and advice should be considered a starting point for further action and discussions within your marketing team(s) and other internal stakeholders about priorities and how to best deploy the advice we gave you. Our workshops help you do just this, in a fun way!
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Want to learn how to do it yourself? Your team? Not a problem. As a specialized agency in creating buyer personas we offer buyer persona training to teach you the ropes. Step by step. Interactive and fun sessions guaranteed. And yes, you need to come prepared :-)
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Not only do we generate some pretty awesome insights and straightforward advice, we find it even more important to see actual results from it. We can help you implement a new value proposition, update your content strategy or optimize your blog. Whatever we think contributes most to the goals you've set. Let's talk!
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"Now we have Tech to Market in-house three days a week as part of our team, working to expand and elaborate on the findings, to create context and channels for using them."

Mark de Greeff

Head of Strategy & Business Development at Eindhoven365

Want to have one of our experts on your team for a couple of days per week? Or work with our digital team remotely, on a specific project? Either way, our experienced professionals are ready to go the extra mile for you. And we’re fun to work with, people say. Curious about our approach, use cases or just want to discuss your challenge in detail?

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