Sometimes a bright mind with a fresh viewpoint and unique skill-set is all you need to jumpstart a project, streamline a struggling one, or accelerate to the finish line. All of our interim Marketing Communication professionals share certain key characteristics. Each of us is a ‘digital native’ and we’re fascinated by rapidly changing technology in all its forms.

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At our core, we thrive on tackling diverse challenges head-on. Whether it’s spearheading change communications within globally-focused technology universities, pioneering customer advocacy programs in the renewable energy sector, leveraging customer data for strategic marketing insights in supply chain optimization, or providing comprehensive marketing support for B2B circular economy initiatives. We’re committed to move B2B technology from Now to Next, step by step.

"Today, the field of marketing is so multi-faceted no one can master all areas of expertise. So, we‘ve made a deliberate choice for a blended workforce, and work with agencies that have the expertise we need."

Mark de Greeff

Head of Strategy & Business Development at Eindhoven365

Hiring the right marketer for the job can be hard. You want to make sure he or she blends into the team, has the right skills and know-how and above all, get things done.

Check our recent cases studies to find out more on how our marketers have become experienced project managers, providing organizational leadership as well as valuable hands-on support.  Our skills have been vertically applied across a variety of sectors, such as:

  1. High-Tech & Innovation
  2. ICT & Automation
  3. Building & Construction
  4. Industrial Manufacturing
  5. Life Sciences
  6. Tech Education

Working with us means tapping into decades of B2B marketing experience, up-to-date industry knowledge and a solid set of soft and hard skills. We’re tech-savvy. You can count on us as solid project managers that will ‘get the job done’ and – most people say – we’re fun to work with.

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Marketing Support

Meet our team of marketing professionals

Patricia Beks
Managing Director & Marketer

Jorg Basten
Managing Partner & Marketer

Marijke Vreugdenhil
Team lead & Marketer

Nicole Rooijakkers

Laila Cruz

Elze Verbeek

Tiziana Fazio

Nathalie Abdoel-Gijsbers
Office Manager

Nienke van Beek
Marketing support

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