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Sometimes a bright mind with a fresh viewpoint and unique skill-set is all you need to jumpstart a project, streamline a struggling one, or accelerate to the finish line. In short, our interim professionals are digital marketing orchestrators who, among other languages, speak fluent ‘Tech’. This makes them capable of understanding – and tackling – your business challenge from day one.

At Tech to Market, we’re proud to provide MarCom support to corporate leaders and scale-ups in Tech B2B. Check out other case studies or learn more about our approach.

Our smart marketers up for a challenge!

Patricia Beks
Managing Director & Marketer

Jorg Basten
Managing Partner & Marketer

Marijke Vreugdenhil

Nicole Rooijakkers

Laila Cruz

Elze Verbeek

Tiziana Fazio

Marleen Bruurs
Office Manager

Nienke van Beek
HR employee

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Knowledge of two combined equals more dimension. Next to our own B2B marketing professionals, we have a few external experts we like to work with. They all excel in their own expertise and sometimes we cooperate for breathtaking results. We love them for their attitude and the quality they deliver.

Fee Naaijkens
B2B Marketing Strategist

Fee is a B2B Marketing Specialist with extensive experience in strategy and content creation. She works with the client's needs in mind on marketing strategy and execution. Specializes in Inbound Marketing, Content Creation and PR.

Ina Oome
Marketing Strategist

Ina's heart beats faster when it comes to motivating and coaching people, coming up with a creative concept and giving pragmatic advice. A true creative thinker and strategic go-getter!

Koen Bouwens
Full stack Marketer

Koen describes himself as a resourceful (online) marketing junky. Always looking for ways to improve and outsmart. He has a slight preference for innovative digital solutions with a startup thinking while making an impact!

Anneloes Turton-Wiggers
Digital MarCom specialist

Anneloes is passionate about driving digital marketing projects in (inter)national national business environments. She loves building bridges between all stakeholders and finding the ‘why’ to enable turning goals into strategies.

Cristina Andriescu
B2B Tech Marketing Consultant

As senior marketing professional with more than 20 years of experience, Cristina helps companies operating in international, complex, B2B environments, to achieve and over deliver their marketing goals by developing, implementing, and evaluating distinctive and hands-on marketing concepts.

Bianca Oosterlaar
Marketing Communication Manager

Born and raised in B2C, flourishing in B2B, Bianca is a seasoned all-round marketing professional (+ 20 years work experience) with a result driven mindset who cares to boost multinational, family-owned or start-up companies by materializing their sustainable purpose driven strategies to self- explanatory messages and tools.

Gerwin Hendriks
Digital analytics expert

Gerwin is a B2B data scientist with over 10 years of experience working for large corporates such as Philips Health Tech and SME’s. He is experienced with applying marketing and sales data in an effective way and knows what is needed from both technical and organizational perspective.

Marieke Verkoelen
Ecommerce specialist

An expert in e-commerce partnerships (hello Amazon Business) and creative content marketing as part of the global marketing strategy. She knows it's all about your clients, how they experience your brand and how to reach them online by building strong relationships with partners.

CeesJan Mol
Digital transitions strategist

CeesJan is a real pioneer. Specifically, he innovates in the cross-over between strategic communications, Smart Society and the great web. One of the co-founders of Creative Ring, a network of cities across Europe eager to mobilize their creative ecosystems to speed up innovation.

Maaike Veenbrink-Dijk
Communication consultant

Her strength is telling and sharing the stories of clients like they come straight from the heart. They have the right tone and appeal to the right people and do justice to the organization. She will do everything possible to take work off your hands and aim high. Her great personality makes any job a fun one.

Marieke Vervoort-Kersten
Talent development coach

Marieke helps employees in the Brainport Region to function better and more effectively by developing soft skills. This leads to increased engagement, better work performance and more job satisfaction. Marieke coaches all the team members of Tech to Market, with great success!

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Interim Support

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