Providing insight into relevant, up-to-date information only has meaning if you are anticipating on this. Visualizing and analyzing data is not enough. Making strategic decisions, adjusting campaigns and identifying errors early, are the consequences of a well-designed dashboard. Moreover, a dashboard promotes collaboration, because everyone has real-time insight into the results and is therefore involved.

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Google Data Studio Dashboards
Tech to Market is using Google Data Studio to create digital marketing dashboards. This tool has a lot of benefits, like:

  • Your dashboard is always up-to-date
  • Direct links with every advertising platform and many other data sources
  • Visual representation through charts, diagrams and maps
  • Easy to use

Tailor-made Dashboards
What data would you like to see in a Google Data Studio dashboard? Together, we look at your objectives and available data, then build the ideal dashboard for your company. If you are interested, please contact us on: +31850604085

Philips Innovation Services (PInS) offers companies worldwide access to Philips’ high-tech expertise and experience across eight key business areas of competence (KAEs). All of these areas receive support from a central marketing team, which found themselves faced with new challenges in the changing B2B marketing landscape. What we did:

  • Website Development
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Proactive advice on website improvements
  • Analysis and (monthly) Reporting

Mammoet client

Mammoet is the global market leader in engineered heavy lifting and transport. Their services help clients improve their construction efficiency and optimize the uptime of their plants and installations. What we did:

  • Monthly reporting via customized SEO Dashboard
  • Monitoring and giving proactive advice
  • Optimize online presence


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