User-friendly and well-arranged interface
The laborious dashboard saves you a lot of time in achieving your goals. The fast and clear interface lets you easily create workflows, create templates (via html from WYSIWYG editor) and create conversion forms. In addition, the interface displays clear reports and graphical presentations from the sales funnel.

Lead scoring
SharpSpring offers the possibility to define your own lead scoring parameters. Give leads points based on involvement, page tracking, potential and completeness of the information. In addition, Decays can be set to lower scores during periods of inactivity.

Marketing Insights 
Discover which lead-gen strategies are working and fix or eliminate ones that aren’t. Easy reporting shows you current and projected income, but also open/ lost opportunities and total costs to acquire customers.

The benefits of SharpSpring:

  • Excellent price / quality ratio
  • Month-to-month contract
  • Most complete package available
  • User-friendly and well-arranged interface
  • Insight into the ROI

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