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We all know too well that, in the current, highly competitive and tight global labour market, talented tech B2B talents are scarce. And we also know that attracting and retaining top talent is a prerequisite for growth. Even more so, if you’re aiming to retain your position at the very forefront of tech innovations.

Standing out from your competitors and being able to grab the attention of suitable, potential candidates is essential for finding the people you need.

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'An employer branding strategy is only effective in the measure that a company can deliver on its promises. Integrate your employer brand with business strategy and corporate branding to establish and ensure a strong and consistent reputation.'

Mechteld van Wezel Marketer

Now, more than ever before, a strong employer brand is of the essence. Talents rarely simply apply for a job. They are on the lookout for a great place to work. A place where company values, culture and ambitions – your employer brand – match theirs.

People go through multiple steps in the candidate journey, before they decide to actually apply for a position. Understanding your target audience – and acting accordingly – is crucial for streamlining that candidate journey. It’s key to acquiring and retaining the best talent.

“We believe employer branding isn’t something for today or tomorrow. If you want to do things right, you’re in it for the longer term. Of course, we also have the need for tech talent. Now! So, concrete results in the short term were important. Tech to Market has delivered on both: an employer branding strategy that is fit for the future and that also attracts the talent we need today.”

Najat Loiazizi

Senior HR Business Partner, imec the Netherlands

It’s not our style to make things sound easier than they are. Attracting and holding on to motivated and loyal employees calls for some seriously hard work. It’s why we’ve defined these three key elements which will help you on the road to becoming an employer of choice:


  1. Understand your target audience to perfection
    How to find those people who are just right for your organisation? Like us, you’re aiming for quality, not quantity. And quality does not equal a one-size-fits-all approach, with ditto terms and conditions. Instead, extensive Buyer Persona Research, will help you understand what the candidate with the best fit looks like, which steps are taken during their candidate journey and – here’s the really important part – how you can meet candidates’ specific needs and wishes.
  2.  Stand out from the crowd
    The next step, is to turn the outcome of the Buyer Persona Research into an Employer Value Proposition. What is your added value as organisation? What makes you stand out from the competition? Maybe it’s your vision, or your social responsibility program, or the opportunities your employees get to grow as professionals. Whatever mix of benefits (your employer value) turns out trumps, it’s what makes working at your company a unique opportunity for job seekers. Obviously, you need to deliver on such promises. Failing to do so can seriously impact your company’s reputation. Done well, your value proposition is a powerful tool with which to engage new employees, today, tomorrow and the day after.
  3. Implement your employer branding strategy
    Based on the insights of your buyer persona research and your Employer Value Proposition, drawing up a fitting employer branding strategy, in line with your company’s goals and KPIs, is a lot easier. After all, you now understand who you are targeting, where to find them and how to address them. What’s left, is to determine which content, digital marketing, website or social media tools are best for communicating with both potential candidates, as well as current employees. It’s ‘all systems are go’ from there!
The research phase includes 10-20 qualitative interviews with your target audience in order to acquire key customer insights. The research process, including extended analysis and detailed documentation takes up to 16-20 weeks.
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Employer Value Proposition
Of course, it would be great if we could go ahead immediately deploying tools to increase the visibility of your organisation. Not so! A clear Employer Value Proposition is vital to achieve the results you’re looking for.
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Stakeholder presentation
After analysing and structuring the research results, it’s time to draw some conclusions and make recommendations. We’ll share these with you - and other key stakeholders within your organisation - during a final presentation.
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We’ll draw up a detailed report that covers the full story. Use it to deepen your understanding of specific topics, personas, interviews, buying phases, as well as the Employer Value Proposition. Not to forget, the report is also an excellent information resource for updating your sales colleagues or management team.
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Action plan
Insights and recommendations are useful, but how to implement them in your organisation? An action plan sets out the direction in which you’re heading your priorities. By combining qualitative and quantitative data, we define an action plan that includes which content, digital marketing, website or social media tools to deploy.
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A clear-cut action plan is only of use if it delivers concrete results. We can help you implement your employer branding strategy by executing content marketing, SEO, online campaigns and more. We’ll do what it takes to achieve the goals that you've set. Let's talk!
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“The results of the research conducted by Tech to Market were more or less a confirmation of what we believed to be our value as company for employees. But, now we had it straight from the horse’s mouth: on what employees consider important, what motivates them and what their ambitions are. Based on these key insights we could start defining our employer branding strategy.”

Eline van Uden

Communication Manager, imec the Netherlands

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