Carmen Lennards


Carmen started her professional career as a marketer at a trucks and commercial vehicles dealer. In the wondrous world of vans and trucks she was able to go full throttle, supporting numerous marketing projects. Along the way, she learned a lot about the many different aspects of marketing and communications. Her next job was as content marketer and project manager at an online marketing agency. Here she familiarized herself with the latest online marketing tools including e-mail personalization and marketing automation. But, what really makes her go that extra mile is when she is given the opportunity to turn a product or company into an experience. Be it a truck, a heavy-duty machine or a corporate event, Carmen knows which button to push to create and evoke just that right feeling. In fact, she has the ability to make every product shine.

At Tech-to-Market she gets to combine marketing communications and project management. For her, it’s the best of both worlds! And that makes for one happy and inspired Carmen!

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