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Marketing to businesses in technology industries often involves complex buying cycles and multiple buyer personas. One way to present your company’s offer to this buying team is to rank well in Google’s organic search results. You’d need to know all about their intent and absolutely nail your search results for these topics they care about most. Only then you have a good chance of actually attracting more – and the right kind of – traffic. The kind that converts into quality leads that can be followed up by your sales team.

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SEO for B2B is a whole different ballgame. Your average SEO tool isn't designed to optimize your online presence in international niche markets with quite specific and often low volume keywords.

Maarten Lans Managing Partner & Marketer

We feel you. Your company sells, let’s say, supply chain optimization software. Or industrial coatings for that matter. Worldwide, to a wide range of complex industries and all of your content is available in seven different languages. Your products and services are considered by at least five to ten buyer personas, ranging from key users to influencers and a small team of final decision makers. Your corporate HQ has control over your site’s architecture, UX design and sprint planning. Search volumes for your brand and value propositions are low, but deal sizes are huge. And now it’s your job to make sure your website’s organic traffic grows 10% YoY. That’s tough! Sheer impossible? Never. With more than 10 years’ experience in SEO for B2B, we speak fluently ‘tech’. Just like your target audience.

While we had seen a small decline in organic visits in the years before, we saw a thirty percent increase in organic visits in the first three months after the new website's go-live.'

Erik Plasmans

General Manager at Zens Wireless Charging

No matter what your goals are, SEO should be part of your B2B marketing mix. It can help you to increase awareness for your products or services, get you quality traffic to landing pages and – as a result of all that – generate quality leads for your sales team to review and follow up on.

  1. B2B SEO strategy
    SEO can be one of your best performing marketing channels in terms of benefit-cost ratio, but you’ll need a solid SEO strategy for this to happen. Together with you and your team we define – or optimize – your SEO strategy. This plan of ‘where to play’ is based on all sorts of internal and external insights. Think of lead generation goals, competitor research, industry trends, your value propositions’ core strengths, upcoming NPIs, buyer personas and buyer journey insights, your resources, (technical) limitations and much more. The end result is a roadmap for the next 6 months that provides a clear direction and measurable goals.
  2. SEO for B2B tactics and planning
    How to win? We need to make sure everything we decided on can be executed as well. KPIs and other relevant SEO metrics need to be tracked correctly and in full, using whatever analytics platform and SEO tool stack you are using. Generating insights for search engine optimization should be straightforward and quick, which means we will spend some time on getting your dashboards, reports and insights meetings just right. New tools or integrations might be required. Ways of working, planning documents and priorities are reviewed in weekly (sprint) meetings. Failing to plan is planning to fail, right? We’re good to go!
  3. Executing SEO for B2B
    Now it’s time to get our hands dirty. Technical SEO, content and authority building are the three pillars of SEO we will be working on. We need to improve your website’s indexation, content and user experience and domain authority by smartly working our way from low effort, big gain improvements to more difficult and long-term gains. The easy stuff will only get you so far. Content creation and content marketing programs can be difficult to build or optimized because of their complexity, but this is where we can boost your traffic. Content still is king and – when done right – the best way forward to increased domain authority. Whatever it is we think is worth pursuing, we will be spending a lot of energy on measuring KPIs, understanding the story behind those numbers, test and optimize. Positions, traffic and leads will increase. So let’s repeat.
Technical SEO
It’s important that your website offers users a good overall experience, otherwise you'll be driving away a massive share of your potential traffic (and hurting your search engine rankings). We optimize things like page speed, mobile friendliness, html and site structure. You'll get a detailed report that says how and provide hands-on support to make it happen.
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Keyword research
If you want quality traffic, you really need to understand your customers' search intentions. This is all about the keywords and phrases they use when they're trying to find solutions, products and services that suit their needs. We support you in extensive (multilingual) keyword research based on your buyer's journey. Either from scratch or improving your current plans; let's be found!
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SEO-friendly content
Content is still king. This means that every piece of content on your site (and other channels) is an opportunity and asset in SEO. We support you in creating and optimizing content around your products and services, expertise, client stories and case studies, webinars, events. You name it. All based on solid research, so both user and Google will appreciate your content. Just remember; being helpful and inspiring goes a long way!
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Linkbuilding 2.0
Most likely, you are competing for traffic from organic search results. Google's way of finding out what content (result) to rank first is checking your authority on the subject. It’s really important to improve your domain’s authority by generating quality referrals from credible sources. Our Linkbuilding 2.0 approach contains numerous content marketing tactics that will generate relevant links to your website.
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Data analytics & reporting
SEO is an ongoing process that requires a good strategy, dedication and - most of all - lots of data and insights in order to drive results . We create automatic data reports using Google Data Studio in order to base our decisions upon facts. From there we make tactical decisions for an optimal growth in page ranking.
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SEO scan
Haven’t started with SEO at all? Or think your rankings for, let’s say, a certain product range could do better, but you just don't know how to make it happen? Then our SEO scan might be of help. We provide an in-depth SEO analysis on all key topics which gives you the insights you need. It includes your current status, a strategy on how to improve and a detailed action plan including priorities and opportunities to pursue. We can’t wait to start!
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Their knowledge and expertise, accompanied by a lot of enthusiasm, made sure they managed this very well. Thanks to the close involvement and ‘coaching’ we have learned a lot from this project and we would definitely opt for Tech to Market again.

Erik Plasmans

General Manager at ZENS Wireless Charging

Want to have one of our SEO experts on your team for a day or two per week? Or work with our digital team remotely, on a specific project? Either way, our experienced SEO professionals are ready to go the extra mile for you. And we’re fun to work with, people say. Curious about our approach, use cases or just want to discuss your challenge in detail and in person?


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