With wireless charging still being a new technology mainly used by early adopters, Eindhoven scale-up ZENS Wireless Charging has had a strong online focus on sales to end-users (B2C) from the start in 2011. After the QI standardization of wireless technology and the adoption of this standard by Android manufacturers like Samsung and – last but not least – Apple in 2017, wireless charging was finally on the brink of breaking through to the masses.

B2B online marketing - Zens Wireless Charging

To stay ahead of the competition, ZENS needed to shift their online strategy from B2C to a mix of both B2C and B2B. Emphasizing their services as a Wireless Charging Expert to businesses in need of adapting this fast emerging technology into their own proposition. For instance furniture, bed and kitchen manufacturers, as well as the hospitality industry and automotive sector.

Tech to Market conducted a technical analysis of the ZENS website and dug into ZENS’s business plan. Even though their question was to become number one in the wireless charging market and their main focus was on their online webshop, Tech to Market saw a surprisingly large growth opportunity in the direction of B2B. Seeing that this was 80% of ZENS’s business, Tech to Market’s proposal to focus on both B2B and SEO was the one to stand out.

After a thorough study of ZENS’s current customer profiles, their potential partners, and all functional aspects of the website, Tech to Market made the following suggestions:

  1. Leverage the website for B2B growth with a new design and navigation
  2. Customize tracking of website traffic, conversions, and keywords searches
  3. Direct all marketing efforts through one comprehensive Content strategy

To start with, Tech to Market developed a clean website navigation that balanced both B2C and B2B supply. They set up a content strategy consisting of a SEO optimization, enhancing the technical performance, keyword research and content mapping. Providing ZENS’s webmaster with a wireframe, new optimized content was implemented, producing a scalable marketing strategy to drive conversion rates for B2B. Additionally, Tech to Market created an analytics dashboard so ZENS could track their key areas.

Although ZENS already had steady sales on their website, they needed to balance the presentation of all their products and services to continue in an upward trend. The website had to be clear to the various target groups in their ambitious scope: B2C, B2B, custom engineering and white label products. Their previous homepage emphasized direct-to-consumer sales. This meant that prospective wholesale buyers and manufacturers from other industries could have clicked away before realizing they were in the right place.

Our ‘goal’ was to get a better position in Google and rank on the first page. Their knowledge and expertise, accompanied by a lot of enthusiasm made sure they managed this very well. Thanks to the close involvement and ‘coaching’, we have learned a lot from this project and we would definitely opt for Tech to Market again.

Erik Plasmans

General Manager - Zens Wireless Charging

Working in close collaboration, Tech to Market was able to provide ZENS’s existing web developer and copywriter with the guidance they needed. It was a matter of studying the profiles of purchasers and key decision makers across a wide range of industries such as car manufacturing and shared workplace office management. Tech to Market cross-analyzed this information with key search terms to make sure ZENS has the information instantly available for every buyer and attracting them to their website.

By creating an online dashboard including link-backs and conversion rates, ZENS can target bloggers and news outlets that point buyers to their site, staying on top of media shifts with a laser-like focus.

All of these changes were linked to a customized, scalable marketing strategy, which took ZENS’s desire for continued growth. ZENS’ social media presence, the website’s new SEO optimized content and conversion paths work together to turn organic traffic into sales.


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“ZENS’s timing to act was impeccable, right before wireless charging technology was on the verge of breaking through to the masses. There are no more questions about the industry standards for this technology, so they made an investment in their website that would set them up for the foreseeable future.”

Maarten Lans Managing Partner & Marketer

The results of the website’s reframing and enhanced performance were immediately available on the analytics dashboard. The combination of both technical and content adjustments provided a faster, easier presentation of a complex business plan.

Based on Tech to Market’s input, the web developer made several technical adjustments at the beginning of the partnership, which improved website performance. While ZENS had seen a small decline in organic visits in the years before, they saw a thirty percent increase in organic visits in the first three months of the new website.

On the long run, ZENS is now generating a sustainable online growth and the MakeZens-website proves to generate new & relevant business leads.

At Tech to Market, we’re proud to provide MarCom support to corporate leaders and scale-ups in Tech B2B. Check out other case studies or learn more about our approach.



Understanding your business is key for B2B Online Marketing to work


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