Rockpanel is an exterior cladding manufacturer and part of the Rockwool Group. For over 25 years, Rockpanel products have helped to create beautiful spaces and façades. Rockpanel had vast amounts of data stored in its systems. The only snag was that the data was scattered over numerous departments and systems. This was having a direct, mostly negative impact on the lead funnel: the hand-over and follow-up of leads was not optimal. Importantly, the leads too were not always experiencing the support they required.

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'If data analytics is used with a clear goal in mind, it can add huge value by supporting people in making the best possible decision in their daily operations and move towards data-driven marketing.'

Eline Schoonen Marketer

Data driven marketing is a hot topic. But, actually applying it to boost business performance is a challenge for many marketeers. We were asked to make the scattered data available in one overview. In this way, it would become possible to apply the same criteria and KPIs. The desired outcome included leads being supported throughout the funnel and across various departments.

In order to be able to provide adequate answers and solutions to an ever-changing market and increasingly demanding customers, organisations are being forced to adopt data driven business models. Gut feelings and creative solutions no longer fit the bill and data driven marketing has become more and more important. The promise of better decision making based on data, however, still needs to be fulfilled. Why? Because many marketers are still struggling with such basic questions as which data is most valuable to their business? What will the consequences of actually applying such data in business operations be? How can data be streamlined into work flows and how to make sure that different departments use and base their decisions on the same data? For data driven marketing solutions to be truly beneficial to the business, they need to be implemented not just in one department, but throughout the whole company.

Tech-to-Market supports organisations and B2B clients in successfully fulfilling the steps to achieve data driven marketing, providing answers to questions such as:

  • What do I need to know to make which choice?
  • Which data is available and how can it be applied to the max?
  • Which stakeholders can I take with me on this journey and how?
  1. Establishing which data is needed
    Probably the most important step of all. This is about finding out which information or data is truly required. Which data is essential and which superfluous? We spoke with stakeholders across the organisation – including C-level, Sales, Customer Service and Marketing – to find out more about what data was needed in which context.
  2. Plan of approach
    Next, was to establish where the required data was to be found. And how it could be extracted from the different systems in a way that it would align smoothly with the daily operations for which is it was needed.
  3. Analysis
    Based on a comprehensive analysis, the required and sought-after data was successfully extracted from various data sources, including ERP, CRM. Marketing Automation and Google Analytics.
  4. Reporting
    Ensuring uniform data and reporting (findings, conclusions and recommendations) was available and comprehensible for everyone in the organisation, was the next big challenge. To this end, we built dashboards for the Marketing Director using Google Data Studio. These dashboards provided real-time insights in the top-of-funnel, necessary to be able to fine-tune marketing actions.
  5. Communication
    This last step regarded raising employee awareness that different departments were using different criteria and working methods. Explaining what we’d done and showing the added value of such an analysis, convinced stakeholders of the need to streamline data analysis processes.

'I was surprised how quickly Tech to Market understood our business. Therefore they could start immediately with processing our data and reporting the analysis. Tech to Market knew how to translate business objectives into valuable insights, which were combined with actionable marketing advice.'

Raf Milis

Director Marketing Rockpanel



Start with the bottom line, practical stuff


Start small


Keep it simple


Make people inquisitive, so that they want to learn more


Show where the added value is to be found


Focus on small increments of parallel growth in awareness and knowledge

  1. Onboarding of the organization, cross-department
    Diagnose problems and success factors beyond the marketing department. Trends explained in manageable pieces
  2. Clear view on lead profiles
    Mr. John Doe mapped 
  3. Time and money spending prioritized based on attributions
    Data being put to work in daily operations for increased ROI 
  4. Lead experience optimized because of marketing and sales alignment
    Insights are being used to put the lead nurture process in place. Starting from the first touch point throughout retention of happy customers. 
  5. Right KPI setting and tracking for the years to come
    Putting the energy where it’s needed. Track and optimize those elements that make an impact

'I think it’s of great strength how Tech to Market was able to first interpret Rockpanel's business strategy and then make the switch to a pragmatic marketing approach, understandable for everyone. The cooperation went very smooth and easy. Tech to Market is a true trustworthy partner for me.'

Raf Milis

Director Marketing Rockpanel

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Raf Milis

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