DNV GL is the independent expert in risk management and quality assurance. As much as 70% of its activities are related to the global energy market, providing testing, certification and independent advisory services. Instatrust – one of DNV GL’s ventures – is a digital marketplace for efficient and transparent trade of renewable power.

'We knew that with Instatrust, we had an innovative and very promising application for cost-efficient procurement of renewable energy for business and industry. But, we also realised that we were lacking marketing communications resources in the existing team and we needed a dedicated marketing communications professional for Instatrust fast.'

Caroline Kamerbeek

VP Marketing & Communications at DNV GL – Energy

Innovation is key to staying market leader in a rapidly changing, sustainability-focused energy industry. DNV GL’s internal incubator programme encourages employees to pitch innovative ideas that contribute to a safer future based on clean energy. Due to the existing workload of the marketing & communications department the promising ventures could not be properly served. For energy venture Instatrust, especially, the need for focus and dedication to get this innovative product to market quick was essential. In fact, speed and effective insights were going to be key to gaining a foothold in a new, yet highly competitive market.

'Without some considerable investments in marketing and communications, there was no way we could get Instatrust out there successfully. We simply didn’t have enough resources at that time in the global marketing & communications team and we needed an extra professional fast. Someone with experience in b-to-b marketing communications who could bring things up to speed and hit the ground running.'

Caroline Kamerbeek

VP Marketing & Communications at DNV GL – Energy

Execute the marketing and communications strategy in line with the growth ambition of the energy venture Instatrust. Maximize the use of existing marketing and communications within DNV GL – as well as external contractors – and create cross-departmental synergies. Such synergy will boost internal awareness and enable the venture not only to ride ‘piggy-back’ on corporate, energy-related marketing and communications efforts and events, but also leverage internal expertise and know-how. Marketing and communications strategy is focused on positioning Instatrust as a thought leader and the to-go-to, independent, online renewable energy marketplace. In this way, it is hoped to generate a customer base that will act as flywheel to attract new prospects.

'His efforts contributed to the expansion of our customer base.'

Caroline Brun Ellefsen

Global Head of Instatrust, DNV GL - Energy

We first checked in with all internal stakeholders located in four countries. This was done to get a full understanding of the product and the renewable energy market. At the same time, by latching on to existing DNV GL marketing and communication activities, we ensured marketing efforts for Instatrust could be done on the fly. Creating credibility is the primary strategy. This meant doing things such as:

  • Creating synergies across teams with social and cultural differences and ensuring everybody was telling the same thought leadership story. Building on internal know-how, we developed a white papers and blog articles for each stage of the customer journey and organised successful webinars.
  • Become visible in the market by making sure Instatrust is present at key industry events. Providing valuable insights, rather than selling Instatrust, in order to capture best quality leads and prospects.

‘Instratrust is everywhere, I just had to know more about it’, was what a new prospect commented. Which is probably the best proof that we did it right. In fact, in a difficult market, creating the trust that leads to a quadrupling of Instatrust’s project volume (from 1 TWh to 4 TWh) in just 3 months’ time, is what dreams (and Instatrust’s success) are made of.

'We needed to bring our voice to the discussion. Yes, we were getting keynote speaker places at conferences, but our aims were much higher. We wanted to create engagement. And through engagement, visibility. We were lucky to get Jorn from Tech to Market on board. His people-centric approach, his ability to speak languages and his energetic dedication helped him to quickly get a sound understanding of the market.'

Caroline Brun Ellefsen

Global Head of Instatrust, DNV GL - Energy



coordination of high quality content assets


international events organized


market awareness created


a more efficient marcom program

'By quickly picking up on both external and internal dynamics and generating marketing awareness, he managed to support us in building thought leadership’

Caroline Brun Ellefsen

Global Head of Instatrust, DNV GL - Energy

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