We’re pretty down-to-earth type of people. But, we can get passionate about things. One of these are our clients’ websites. Because, in this digital age, it’s hard, even impossible, to exaggerate the importance of not only a captivating, user-friendly website, but especially one that is optimized in terms of SEO. That reflects the customer journey, provides relevant content, and features clear calls to action and conversion possibilities. No matter the business you’re in. Your website is one of the key ways to interact with your clients.

So, we love it when we hit upon, what we call nuggets of gold: websites that need some tender loving care (and some optimization) in order to reveal their true value. Recently, this was the case with a specialist company in bespoke, high-performance, protective packaging solutions in flight cases, cases, and boxes: Lejan.

Lejan values personal contact and service. Projects are discussed in detail: Lejan’s focus is on understanding the need of each client and designing a custom-made solution. No wonder that their loyal group of customers rely on the expertise, quality, and dedicated service that Lejan offers them.

As a result, the role of online channels is negligible for Lejan, and truly relevant and informative website content is lacking.

Lejan’s market position is solid as a rock. However, with competitors’ sites increasingly having a stronger online visibility and presence, Lejan’s face to the world was not boosting traffic or generating new qualitative leads.

Lejan’s management was aware that, in order to maintain their competitive edge and grow in an increasingly digitalized marketplace, the website needed to be updated. However, this specialized SME, was struggling to give marketing activities the right focus and support. They realized that tackling their website was something they didn’t have the time – nor the expertise – to do themselves. So, they called in Tech to Market.

Lejan’s initial brief for us? To give their website a better goal and focus, and to improve the quality of traffic and leads to the website. Their unfamiliarity with digital marketing resulted in budget constraints. Our first major challenge was, therefore, to show them the potential value of such digital marketing.

This meant helping Lejan understand that SEO optimization goes beyond keywords and creating content. That their existing site was missing out on structure, functionality, and focus to steer the customer journey in the desired way. And that these are key to making a website a value-adding, digital channel with which they can engage with their target audience and boost sales.

'When marketing isn’t your priority, it’s hard to understand which steps are required to boost your online presence. Tech to Market really helped us understand the need to optimize our website and embrace this project.'

Remco Janowitz

CEO at Lejan

Data-driven marketing is a hot topic. But, actually applying it to boost business performance is a challenge.  In order to be able to provide adequate answers and solutions to an ever-changing market and increasingly demanding customers, organizations are being forced to adopt data-driven business models.

Working closely with owner Remco Janowitz and his team, we explored and explained the essence and value of digital marketing. About understanding and defining the different stages of the customer journey. About awareness, conversion, and call to action. About choosing the best tools to promote their business online. About making marketing decisions that support their customer journey.

Next, using real data, based on an in-depth analysis, we talked Remco’s team through such things as: what was happening in their market, their current website performance (minimum traffic and continuing to drop), and that of their competitors’ (improved online visibility), as well as client expectations. We showed them how a full understanding of Lejan’s target audience – their needs, their search behavior, and purchasing considerations – would help them truly engage with their clients.

'I was surprised how quickly Tech to Market understood our business. Their know-how and enthusiasm made us feel confident about the steps to be taken. And when they delivered the new site, I wondered how we had ever managed with the old one! Now everything makes sense and is well connected.'

Remco Janowitz

CEO at Lejan

With a product that (more or less) sells itself, we were able to focus our efforts on the stuff that would help boost organic search results and conversion rates.

We did high-impact things like:

  • Conducting a site audit for SEO health
    Our analysis pointed out that the content they had was not really in-line with how people are searching for their solutions. Mainly a lack of SEO words, meta data, title tags, and conversion possibilities were impacting their SEO in a big way.
  • Carrying out some important technical tweaks
    This can be performed in a number of ways from how the user is engaging with the site or how long it takes to load. We focused on increasing page speed, creating a better flow and structure as well as improving internal linking. All these elements improve the user experience
  • Carrying out an in-depth keyword and content gap analysis
    This process was essential in understanding the target audience’s search behavior and to be able to create relevant and meaningful content. Keyword research in SEO is as important as oxygen. It’s the first step for developing successful SEO for your website. It helps to get a targeted audience for your website through search engines.

And other things, like:

  • Creating a completely new website
    Well-thought-out wireframes enabled a better presentation of products, as well as a smooth flow and structure. We also put in place clearly defined conversion possibilities based on the customer journey.
  • Writing relevant and informative content for Lejan’s target audience
    New content was written to fully meet the needs of Lejan’s target audience. Importantly, the content was based on an outside-in perspective and optimized for keywords used by the target audience.



increase organic search impressions


increase organic search clicks


page ranking of Google organic search


increase organic website traffic

All in all, we were pretty proud of what we achieved together with Lejan: delivering above and beyond our brief, on time and within budget.

And the people at Lejan are still talking about what the difference an SEO-optimized website makes. For us, it felt like we’d struck gold: more people than ever before are finding their way to the Lejan site.

'We have learned much from this project. In fact, it has been an eye-opener for us in the effectiveness of website optimization. We continue to collaborate with Tech to Market to improve our digital efforts even more.'

Remco Janowitz

CEO at Lejan

We will be continuing to bring out a monthly report, based on which we will evaluate website performance and define new action points. To gain an even firmer foothold in the market, Lejan is looking to broaden their marketing focus to their high-quality, customized inlays. We will be helping them define a content strategy for this segment.

Learn more about the project and our workflow. Feel free to contact:


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