In 2010, Xycarb Ceramics made a start to modernize the company website and its marketing and sales content. Soon followed by refreshed internal and HR communications tools, trainings and online channel set-ups. To be successful, Xycarb needed a marketing and communications project manager with a profound technical understanding of its business and a solid experience in coordinating projects within an international environment.

Xycarb Ceramics is a 350 fte technology company, having its headquarters Helmond and operating globally in the front-end semiconductors market. They are the industry leading supplier of critical equipment parts used in process chambers to manufacture chips and leds on silicon wafers. Xycarb is a division of the Schunk Group, an internationally operating technology company with more than 8,000 employees in 29 countries.

Xycarb operates in a very specialized technology marketplace, supplying customized parts and services to the world’s leading semiconductor companies. Product marketing content is highly technical and often geared to customer account based communications. The marketing department consists of technical product- and business management, but a permanent communications function is not represented within the team.

Provide full-service marketing & communications support, ranging from online communications, product marketing, creation of sales content, HR communications, branding, PR, internal communications and various strategic MarCom projects.

“Over the last seven years Patricia and Niels have been driving several key marketing and communications projects. Their added value is based on cooperation, dedication and flexibility. Patricia and Niels are being seen as part of our so-called Xycarb family.”

Peter Spit

CEO at Xycarb Ceramics

Tech to Market is hired on a yearly basis at a predefined weekly support level. This includes internal and external communications on a day-to-day basis, plus several strategic communication projects like 24/7 support with incident communications.

Tech to Market project managers coordinate the activities in-house together with internal departments, international Xycarb offices, the management team and external suppliers. Through developing a deep understanding of the company’s products, organization and business they are able to provide effective communications in a highly technical, global semiconductor market.

Tech to Market’s continuous support has led to numerous successful projects in a highly diverse marketing and communication projects, including marketing, sales and HR. Some recent examples:

  1. Corporate identity development and branding
  2. Product marketing and sales content
  3. Customer events and trade shows support
  4. Website development and social channels moderation
  5. Employer branding & recruitment

Over the last couple of years, Xycarb had to deal with a series of unfortunate events. PR and incident communications became increasingly relevant in terms of dealing with media, informing stakeholders and watching over the brand’s reputation. Tech to Market took care of several key tasks:

  • Media relations and spokesperson role
  • Press messaging development
  • Incident communications project management
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During 30-minute marketing bi-weekly's, project progress is discussed and actions are agreed upon. This is an effective setup to align with senior management and create progress in a fast-paced international organization.

Niels Leibbrandt Founder & Marketer



Invest in the development of an aspirational brand-positioning


Prepare individuals, teams and company protocols for incident scenarios


Always opt for continuous improvement, even if it means starting things over


Aspire 'Pure Excellence' in everything you do!

"Working with Niels as a 'near-employee' feels like having an extra colleague to rely on. His interim position enables a unique cooperation with very short communication lines and a real focus on results."

Peter Spit

CEO at Xycarb Ceramics

Even in the highly technical semiconductors industry, ongoing changes in online and social media usage changes the needs for marketing content. New projects are focussed on creating richer digital content, positioning Xycarb as undisputed industry leader and as an attractive high-tech employer in the regions the company operates in.

At Tech to Market, we’re proud to provide MarCom support to corporate leaders and scale-ups in Tech B2B. Check out other case studies or learn more about our approach.

Learn more about the project and our workflow. Feel free to contact:


Niels Leibbrandt
Founder & Marketer

Our client

Peter Spit
Xycarb Ceramics

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