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PR & Communications
There's no such thing as bad publicity? We tend to disagree. We support in temporary event and crisis communications to full service corporate storytelling and social media. Find out what clients have to say!
Buyer Personas
Hyped or not, creating buyer personas the right way reveals yet unknown insights in your clients' buying behavior. Check how this helped Eindhoven365 to become even better city marketers!
Search Marketing
Need your company, product or service to be more visible on the web? We help you to set up and optimize both SEO strategies and SEA campaigns! Contact us to hear how we helped rising star (and neighbor) in wireless charging ZENS!
Marketing Automation
Trying to get your sales and marketing teams more aligned? We're tool agnostic experts in lead generation and nurturing! Hire us to set-up and optimize campaigns that help you sell to your clients the way they expect you to do! Get in touch with us to find out more!
Online Campaigns
Planning to promote digitally through LinkedIn, industry news websites or Google? Effective campaigns require smart thinking, platform know-how and some serious management skills. Let’s meet to see what you have and how we can help!
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Content Marketing
Convinced that your clients and prospects engage with your company through good stories? We are. Because good stories start with big ideas, let’s talk about what’s yours!
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Website Development
Need a new site, app or client portal to boost sales? From redesign to landing page and blog to corporate website. Who doesn't need a solid project manager here? Great teamwork and a successful project guaranteed!
Customer Journey
1000 ways to do it. We like to blend qualitative and quantitative data to create actionable insights on which (online) channels to invest in, how to engage and what to measure! Create common ground for decision making in marketing, sales and customer service! Start mapping now!

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Marketing & Communication Projects

Responsible for marketing communications ROI? Then you’re probably challenged on a regular basis when managing your projects. This might sound familiar:

  • Insufficient marketing expertise
  • Not the right skill-set in house
  • Lack of resources

Rest assured, we can run these MarCom projects for you. Remotely, working from our office, or in close partnership with your internal team.


“Over the last seven years Tech to Market has been driving several key marketing and communications projects. Their added value is based on cooperation, dedication and flexibility."

Peter Spit

CEO at Xycarb Ceramics

All of the building blocks that make up the world of MarCom for Tech B2B segments are familiar to us. A new website? Customer journey analysis? Online campaigns to increase lead generation?

We’ll apply the latest and greatest digital technology out there today to deliver exactly what you need. We’ve become skilled project managers as well, taking care of deliverables, planning and budget.

Learn more about our approach.

"A sales colleague told me they're so busy following up on our marketing leads, they don’t have time to get outside. Well, that’s the type of complaint a Marketing Director likes to hear."

Robbert Daan

Director Marketing & Digital at Philips Innovation Services

Within our support team of MarCom professionals, we can tap into decades of experience and awareness of more than 4,000 of the latest marketing technology solutions to get the job done. Remote (from our offices) or in-house as part of your team, we can hit the ground running!

Meet our team of MarCom professionals.

Case Eindhoven365

Maximizing city marketing results with Eindhoven365. Discover how to use buyer personas and customer journey analysis, the right way!

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Resourceful marketing for innovative DNV GL renewable energy venture

View case

Case Darling Ingredients

Improving employee communication and engagement with Darling Ingredients

View case

Case Lejan

The Art of Being Found. Plugging the case for SEO and Website Optimization.

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Case imec the Netherlands

Employer branding – Attracting and retaining tech talent in a tight market

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Case Rockpanel

How Rockpanel made the move towards data driven marketing.

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Case ZENS Wireless Charging

Going out of our way for wireless; better traffic and leads for Zens

View case

Case Philips Innovation Services

Digital Transformation in high-tech B2B. Find out more on how to build a future proof marketing team.

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Case Xycarb Ceramics

Marketing and communications in the semiconductor industry. A guide on how to set up in-house marketing support when operating on a global scale.

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